• New customers will be billed monthy via e-mail (or via mailed invoice on request). Established customers who owe me less than US$50 may be billed every 2 months.
  • Payment is due 3 weeks after the invoice is sent. At my discretion, I may stop providing services until all past-due balances are paid. Balances which are more than 2 months past-due will be charged interest at 1.5% per month.
  • I accept Paypal, or personal checks and money orders (must be in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank).


  • I will do my best to keep your site running smoothly. However, I can not take responsibility for hacker attacks, problems caused by software bugs, vulnerabilities, or incompatibility, or any other issues outside of my direct control.
  • I will try to handle emergencies promptly, but I am not available 24/7.
  • Unless I cause damage to your site through my own gross negligence, my liability is limited to the amount you have paid for my services.


  • Access to your website. SSH (secure shell account) preferred, but cPanel or similar access will usually be adequate.
  • Administrator username/password for any software and databases to be maintained (WordPress, forum software, etc).
  • If I am setting up a new account for you with a service provider (for example, a web hosting service or a domain name registrar), personal and billing information as required by that provider.