Proceedings of the
Hazel County Science Society

Volume 1


The Hazel County Science Society

ABSTRACT: Presented at this meeting are reports on coffee biochemistry, discovery of a new subspecies of Artemisia tridentata, observations of an asteroid occultation, and progress on proton/boron-11 fusion. In addition, members hear a Treasurer's Report, and vote to elect a new President.

Domesticated Disturbance

ABSTRACT: The Society discusses the numerous anomalous events reported on the morning of 17 March 2007 by residents of Elk Creek, determines the identity of the perpetrators through forensic analysis, and assists enforcement personnel in a "sting" operation.

In Irasú

ABSTRACT: A guest speaker reports on his expedition into the crater of the Irasú Volcano in Costa Rica. Implications for both igneous geology and the study of consciousness are discussed.

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