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from Their Imperial Majesty
Emperor of Motoslybnia

A brief history:

In the beginning -- which was on March 15th, 1965 -- Icsoner II declared himself Emperor of Motoslybnia, and set out on a modest campaign of conquest, his initial goal merely the territory of the United States. Beginning with the conquest of his kitchen, he did in fact successfully take over the U.S. -- and he did this so quietly that no one noticed. Since this initial phase of expansion had been so easy, Icsoner went on, using the same methods, to conquer everything there is. And more.

Some say that Motoslybnia transcends the bounds of space, time, and the imagination -- but this belittles the true scale of the Empire by innumerable orders of magnitude.

Numerous principalities emerged within Motoslybnia (for how could anything be outside it?). Some declared their loyalty to Icsoner II; others declared independence; a few did both. For years a great war raged between the forces of Icsoner and those of the upstart Tyrant of Terranova. The Terranovan Grand Fleet, composed of 10101034 fleets each of 1,600,000,000 ships, was indeed a formidable fighting force. But in the end it was defeated by the brilliance of Icsoner II, who surrendered to Terranova and thereby destroyed its war-based economy.

Following the reign of Icsoner II, the Empire passed into a period known as the Great Ice Age, which has been estimated at either 1 or 90,000,000 years in length. Upon thawing, Tomatoes I of Stodia, who had been Crown Prince under Icsoner II, assumed the Imperial Throne. (That is, he assumed the Imperial Throne was his, since nobody knew where Icsoner II was.) He took the name Icsoner III, and following this tradition we now use "Icsoner" as a title (akin to "Caesar") rather than a family name.

After a brief reign, Icsoner III abdicated, and eventually the Crown passed to me, Icsoner IV, by popular acclamation. (Of those who survived the Civil War.) My benevolent reign has lasted this past quarter-century, and on the whole, the Empire has been at peace. (So peaceful that some seditious souls have dubbed this period "Great Ice Age II", but they have been dealt with.)

Now, it may appear to you that Motoslybnia exists no longer, and that Icsoner IV reigns no longer over everything there is and more. And this is in fact true even though you are still, in fact, living in Motoslybnia under the reign of Icsoner IV. This sort of thing happens all the time. Motoslybnia incorporates all possible contradictions, not to mention the impossible ones. Take, for instance, that incident at the end of the Great Motoslybnian Civil War, when a crazed Demagogue of Delfphi, in a futile attempt to destroy Murphy, pushed the wrong button on his Planetary Master Control and caused the entire Earth to crash onto Daly City. And yet, here we sit on Earth today. A Terranovan super-science team once proved that Motoslybnia includes entire universes in which Motoslybnia does not exist. It's generally not worth worrying about things like this.

In honor of the 35th anniversary of its founding, I have given Motoslybnia this small spot on the Web. In the future -- if anyone should happen to express an interest -- I may expand the site to include a small museum of Motoslybnian artifacts and ephemera. But for now, there is only this page, and the list, below, of links to people who are willing to admit having been involved in this. Contact me if you want your own link added to this list.

Mine sincerely,
Icsoner IV
Emperor of Motoslybnia

You can contact me, Icsoner IV, at billstatler (at) bentonrea (dot) com.

Our illustrious founder, Icsoner II, has admitted to his Imperial nature on his personal web page at So he gets a link here, like it or not.

My esteemed wife, the Ecdysiast of Ecchbatten, maintains some entertaining personal web pages at

Roy Jackson, onetime Underlord of Nutambion, has a web site at

My home page: