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All those Lennas click I used to think there weren't many Lennas in the world.   In fact there are more kinds of Lennas than there are B@rbie dolls.
Art You-see-'em click Unnameable misuses of fractals and coats of arms.
Great Big Opinions click A very few of the usual rants.
BONT (a book) click Lots of original lies about magic, religion, conspiracies, space aliens, cats, controversies, astrology, where all the fractals went, and myself.  No XXX, no $$$, no plot; much vocabulary, exposition, speculation, and disputation.
Mercurial: Stranger
Part 1 of a series
click It's an age turned upside down.  "Give a fulcrum and a place to stand," said Archimedes, "and I'll move the world."
Sure, knowledge can be your fulcrum, but how much do you need?
And can you stand far enough back that your hand on the lever won't be seen?
The Shade by Victory Made
Due South fanfic, F/K
R rated, male/male sex
click Post-CoTW. Ray and Stella Vecchio are viciously attacked; as strange events proliferate, Ray Kowalski and Fraser come to Tampa to hunt the attacker. 75,000 words.