Original Lenna click Pitiful fragments of the disembodied personality of Lenna.
Deconstructionist Lenna click Lenna belleza esto en construccion.
Pedigree Lenna click "The House of Line..."
Loco Lenna click "The line Uppsala-Länna, the oldest of all..."
Pioneer Lenna click "This is my Grandmother, Lenna Bowden."
Dying Lenna click "By any other name... Lenna de Peje palo."
Suffragette Lenna click "Lenna Lowe Yost was one of the leaders of West Virginia's suffrage movement and the first woman to chair a major political party national convention."
Deep Inner Meaning Lenna click "You feel a limitation in your own expression when it is necessary to reach another through tact and understanding."
Out of Africa Lenna click "Tigrean Asthma Cultural Profile, by Lenna Liu, M.D."
Looming Lenna click "Lenna Street"
Endgame Lenna click "Headstone information from the Lenna Cemetery."
Controversy Lenna click "WHERE IS SHE?"
Alien Contact Lenna click "(T)he Green Girl married... a man from Lenna..."
Born-Again Lenna click "However all of these people are now in a position that they will receive Christ...  They have names like Valodia, Nadia, Olga, Atom, Nicoli, Lenna..."
Ample Seating Lenna click "View the interior of the beautifully restored Reg Lenna Civic Center."
Atomic Number 22 Lenna click "This element was discovered by Violet Lenna..."
Going Down Under Lenna click "Why not indulge yourself at Lenna soon?"
Dress-Up Lenna click "Welcome to Lenna's Dressing Room!"
Foot Fondler's Fancy Lenna click "The only thing you will find on this page are Lenna's perfect feet in her favorite sandals."
Oral Lenna click "Lenna Tongue."
Vocal Lenna click Estonian ninja (vanilla).
Queen of Image Processing Lenna 1 click "Today, the use of Lenna image has been recognized as one of the most important events in the history of electronic imaging."
Queen of Image Processing Lenna 2 click "Here's the ubiquitous Lenna."
Queen of Image Processing Lenna 3 click The Full Lenna  (warning? this page contains sombunall nudity)
Queen of Image Processing Lenna 4 click "O dear Lenna, your beauty is so vast..."
Queen of Image Processing Lenna 5 click "I Hate She, Lenna"